• 1.6 mm thick plates with offset screw geometry in the shaft​
  • Oblong hole for 2.8 mm cortical screws​
  • Standard plate – three screw placements in the distal section of the plate ​
  • K-wire hole distally and proximally for temporary fixation with K-wires 


  • Soft tissue protection with reduced collision of screws in narrow bones.
  • Plate position can be adjusted on the bone before final fixation.​
  • Possibility to position the superior lateral plate laterally but away from the AC joint
  • Three distal screw holes in the distal plate end for extra fixation in osteoporotic bone
  • Plates can be temporarily held in position during screw fixation of the plate.


Orange: 2.8

APTUS Clavicle System 2.8

The APTUS Clavicle system provides surgeons with a versatile and anatomical solution to treat fractures, osteotomies, malunions and non-unions of the clavicle.

Its highlights include superior lateral plates that feature two flaps for additional screws from anterior to posterior to increase stability. Furthermore, a flexible suture retrieval and fixation system can be added to the plate to address affected ligaments.

A specifically designed superior lateral shaft plate can be positioned towards lateral without interfering with the acromioclavicular joint whilst offering increased fixation options in this area. 

The sophisticated choice of anatomical plates based on CT data reduces the need for plate bending. 

The efficient and user-oriented system is backed up with easy to use instrumentation and innovative features to live up to its attention to stability.


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