NON HEADED CCS 1.7/2.2/3.0/4.0/5.0/7.0


  • Sharp screws to cover numerous areas of use across upper and lower limb due to​
    • patented SpeedTip polygonal geometry​
    • precise and sharp thread​
    • optimized cutting geometry​
  • Self-holding porperties beween screw and screwdriver due to patented HexaDrive


  • Functionally unique cutting of the bone with immediate bite 1 and reduced insertion torque thanks to SpeedTip screw design​
  • Direct implantation without predrilling 2: ​ The triangular tip design permits simultaneous drilling, tapping and compression of the bone tissue during insertion for increased pull-out stability 3, 4
  • Simplified screw pick-up and increased torque transmission due to patented self holding​


Turquoise: CCS 1.7​ Purple: CCS 2.2​ Yellow: CCS 3.0​ Brown: CCS 4.0​ Dark blue: CCS 5.0​ Turquoise: CCS 7.0

1 Spiegel, A.; Pochlatko, N.; Zeuner, H.; Lang, A.: Biomechanical Tests of Different Cannulated Compression Screws (on file; Medartis AG, Switzerland) ​ 2 Except in very hard bone ​ 3 Heidemann, W.; Terheyden, H.; Gerlach, K. L.: Analysis of the osseous / metal interface of drill free screws and self-tapping screws (Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery, 2001, 29, 69 – 74) ​ 4 Heidemann, W.; Terheyden, H.; Gerlach, K. L.: In-vivo-Untersuchungen zum Schrauben-Knochen-Kontakt von Drill-Free- Schrauben und herkömmlichen selbstschneidenden Schrauben (Mund Kiefer GesichtsChir 5 2001: 17 – 21)​

NON HEADED CCS 1.7/2.2/3.0/4.0/5.0/7.0

Three thread designs​ CCS 1.7: long thread and fully threaded CCS 2.2, 3.0: short and long thread CCS 4.0, 5.0, 7.0: short and long thread and fully threaded


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