• Anatomical plate design for left and right
  • TriLock – multidirectional (± 15°) and angular stable locking technology
  • Screw angle can be adapted intraoperatively and fracture fragments can be fine-tuned
  • Integrated and compatible with the existing APTUS Elbow System 2.0
  • K-wire holes for temporary plate and fragment fixation
  • Bending to be contoured to the individual anatomy
  • Combination of 2.0 TriLock screws and cortical screws
  • Oblong hole for flexible fixation of the sublime tubercle


  • Buttressing and fixation of the sublime tubercle for restoration of the elbow stability (indirect refixation of the medial collateral ligament)
  • For the anterior as well as the anteromedial variation of the Hotchkiss approach
  • Possibility of subchondral screw placement
  • Proximal oblong hole increases flexibility of screw placement and angulation
  • Low plate profile, rounded edges and a smooth surface for soft tissue protection
  • Uniform screw diameter of 2.0 mm


Blue: APTUS 2.0

APTUS® Elbow

The elbow is a complex joint with several articulating surfaces where the humerus, the radius and the ulna meet. Stability is achieved by a high number of ligaments and muscles attaching at the elbow. Fractures caused by direct or indirect trauma are quite frequent and often intra-articular. They may involve several bones and are frequently associated with ligamental injuries. In these cases, the restoration of the initial function of the articulation is very challenging.

Because the elbow has a strong tendency to stiffen after injury, early mobilisation is paramount. This can often only be achieved by open reduction and internal fixation. Medartis is developing a comprehensive range of plates, carefully matched to the complex anatomy of the elbow. These implants take advantage of Medartis' innovative TriLock technology providing multidirectional angular stability, which is beneficial for the treatment of intra-articular fractures of the elbow.


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