• TriLock – multidirectional angular stability of ± 15° in all directions and in each screw hole*
  • Consistent screw diameter of 2.5 mm for intraoperative simplicity
  • Oblong hole for variable plate positioning and to facilitate axial compression
  • Rounded edges and a smooth surface for soft tissue protection
  • K-wire holes to assist with temporary plate fixation
  • Plates are compatible with the screws and instruments of the APTUS Wrist Radius System 2.5

* Exception: oblong hole and pre-angled screw holes for cortical screws


  • Fusion of radiocarpal and midcarpal joint without arthrodesis of the carpometacarpal joint
  • Physiological motion in the carpometacarpal joint is maintained
  • Plate with long bend, for example for medium to large wrists
  • Plate with short bend, for example for small wrists or for arthrodesis following proximal row carpectomy
  • Numerous screw holes for angular stable fixation of various carpal bones
  • Two pre-angled screw holes for cortical screws allow for additional fixation of scaphoid and lunate or bone graft
  • Double shaft design provides high rotational stability
  • Offset screw alignment in the shaft area to avoid screw collisions


Purple: APTUS 2.5

APTUS® Wrist

The wrist is a multi-articular joint. It consists of the carpus, distal ulna and distal radius. Fractures of the distal radius are the most common fractures in the human body. In recent years, great changes have taken place both in the treatment options of the distal radius and the patient demands which have increased. As socioeconomic factors have become more relevant, a perfect anatomic reconstruction and a permanent reduction have been targeted together with virtually no postoperative immobilization and very early rehabilitation.

With the APTUS Distal Radius System 2.5 Medartis offers a multidirectional and angular stable product line with implant plates in different designs, lengths and widths for a volar, dorsal and/or lateral approach. The APTUS Distal Radius System 2.5 plates with TriLock technology are anatomically adapted for an optimal stabilization of distal radius fractures and correction osteotomies as well as for arthrodesis.


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