Orthelligent Pro

Orthelligent Pro is a professional combination for injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Outcome. Orthelligent Pro is a practical, location-independent, and cost-effective measuring system including a medical grade motion-sensor and an associated application. The device uses test and exercise programs focused on range of motion, coordination, and strength/speed while the app displays the results graphically to determine the current actual state of the leg. Orthlelligent Pro helps with finding weaknesses to focus on to prevent injury as well as tracking the recovery process and the effectiveness of treatment methods used after injury.

App can be used on tablet and desktop.

Your advantages

  • Easy and quick to set up
  • Monitoring personal progression
  • Athlete better informed and more motivated
  • Quality of result is ensured
  • Evaluate test results locally on tablet in the cloud
  • Real time results graphically available